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Hey friends, it’s Mike here, and I wish your weather is as great as this cover image!

If you want your PPC ads to rank No.1 on Google Search, it’s my pleasure to tell you this useful tip I learned from someone who worked with Google Analytics.

Long story short, your landing page(web page) needs to load fast.

How do you improve your loading speech?

  1. Run a web speed test at Google PageSpeed Insight. This score is used by Google to rank your page loading speed. The faster, the better.
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  1. See what this table below is telling you? Let your web development team work on the red items.
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If you don’t have a web development team in house, a red flag I encountered is that the images on my website are too large.

Just go to your WordPress admin page, and find the image library to downsize your web images. 

I do recommend you to have a professional web development team, so they can do the work efficiently.

This tip is a part of your PPC ads optimization framework, feel free to DM me if you’d like to know more!