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Recently, I audited over 200 websites of management consulting companies in the UK.

There are 3 effective marketing techniques almost none of them know although some websites recive 7k+ visits per month.

No.1: No Facebook Pixel Installed On Their Website.

Facebook pixel helps you to understand what actions people take on your website and remarket to people who took action with Facebook ads.

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Most websites I’ve audited have a few thousand visitors per month, but they can’t track their web visitors and follow up with them with Facebook ads after visitors leave their site, because there is no Facebook pixel on their site.

If you don’t have a pixel installed, use this quick tutorial.

No.2: No Lead Magnet On Their Website.

A lead magnet is essentially anything on your website that collects emails. Building an email list is still powerful because traffic from your email campaigns is usually very cheap comparing to paid advertising on Facebook and Google.

A common lead magnet is a pop-up window that gives away something for free in exchange for a visitor’s name and email address.

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Nearly all websites don’t have a lead magnet or their lead magnet isn’t persuasive enough.. Capturing ZERO email out of 50,000 visitors is a huge missing out.

No.3: Not Posting Frequently Enough On LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. 

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I know this sounds obvious but I only saw 1 out of more than 200 companies doing it with valuable content.

Just like you and I, your potential clients are humans. They do check LinkedIn for work, Facebook & Instagram for personal life.

Posting quality content frequently or even daily means giving value first to build trust between your potential clients and your brand. When it’s time to throw a right hook, closing a prospect will be friction-free. Most management consulting companies aren’t doing that.

Ending Words

It’s Mike here and I’m the owner of Yontrepreneur Marketing Consultancy.

We specialize in helping management consulting firms & SMEs to get more leads & grow sales through social media marketing and advertising.

I hope that this article has been helpful.