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About us

Make Youre Results Explode With…

Make Youre Results Explode With Facebook advertising at Yontrepreneur Digital Advisory as we specialize in paid media advertising that bring you an unfair advanrage against your competition. As well as our graphic design and copywriting services for businesses dedicated to excellence.

We guarantee that your results will go beyond your expectations so you can fous on what you do best. Our process is delivered based on the highest standards of quality in the industry.

You need solutions customized to your unique business needs which is why we focus on ensuring a custom service for every client we service.

Our onboarding process

First, you join a call with our team so we can learn about your business and establish your goals.

Second, we’ll craft a custom action plan to achieve those goals and tailor bespoke paid media advertising, PPC, or other services you request, to meet those exact needs. 

Third, allow us to have account information needed to deliver our service.

Fourth, we deliver our services and show your results with our reports.

Our definition of a client

“Our client is someone who is under our protection.”
Mike Wang, Founder

By our definition, you and your business are under the protection of our expertise and network.

We believe that we have the moral responsibility to act in your interest and use whatever we have to grow your business and achieve your desired results.

The reason we think is way is because we deeply understand how precious your trust is on us handling your digital marketing and allow us to have the wonderful privilege of serving you.

To us, you are not just another client: you are someone under our protection.

our story

The Trusted Advisor

Our agency is named Yontrepreneur Digital Advisory because our founder is a young and passioante entrepreneur who aims to make us the trusted advisor for our clients’ digital strategies and implementation with the hunger, thirst and enthusiasm for excellence like young strivers.

Our core value

Not Just Another Marketing Agnecy

  • Being our client means you are under our protection
  • Serve with passion and honor 
  • Always be results-driven

Our operation

Fully Remotely Operated

We are pround to be a remotely operated company that allows us to serve our cherished clients with the best of our capability without the limitation of geography and with top-notch quality in lower prices. 

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Our Team

Experts At Your Service

Our battle hardened team equipped with coffe can be some of the most dangerous marketing special forces out there whether it’s generating leads for your dental clinic or creating massive super exposure for your startup. 

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